HOBBIES: Playing baseball, shooting nurses with his ninja weapons or freezing them with his ninja hands, watching Power Rangers, being a superhero in his spare time. His favorite quote is, "I told ya so!"


When Matthew came down with a fever, his mom brought him to the doctor, never expecting that her two-year-old would be diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. As is the case with all ALL diagnoses, Matt was immediately admitted to the hospital for a week.

After being home for less than 36 hours, Matt and his mom were back at Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City. He had become bed-ridden and had developed multiple serious illnesses along with his cancer. Within two weeks of his diagnosis, Matt's mom was unsure if he would survive another day.

After an additional 70 days in the hospital, Matt and his mom were released to the Ronald McDonald house, where they lived for an extended time. As a single parent, his mother is his only caregiver, and the day he was diagnosed was the last day she worked. She knew that helping her son get well had to be her one and only priority, even if that meant letting bills and other expenses pile up.

Pinky Swear Foundation supported Matt's mom by paying a month of their housing expenses, which alleviated some of the financial stress while Matthew was in the hospital and during their stay near the hospital at the Ronald McDonald House.

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