DIAGNOSIS: Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML)
HOBBIES: Video games, swimming, riding her bike


Although Autumn seems like your average little girl who loves to play Roblox and other video games, go swimming, and ride her bike, everyone who follows her story knows she is anything but average – she is also a cancer fighting warrior. There is good news: Autumn is now looking forward to days of a little less fight, and a lot more fun.

“Every day is a blessing. You feel you can breathe more deeply the further on you get,” All-Star Autumn’s Mom, Melanie.

When navigating childhood cancer, every milestone and victory - no matter the size - is worthy of celebration, which is why it is one of the core values at Pinky Swear Foundation. We ask you to CELEBRATE with us after reading her exciting news. Thank you for being a part of Autumn’s journey!

Autumn’s family received the best gift ever this Christmas Eve - Autumn got to come home from the hospital and be with her family! On January 14th, Autumn’s family received news of another reason to celebrate – 100 days after her bone marrow transplant, Autumn got her lines out. With only 20 – 30% of siblings being a bone marrow match, Autumn’s sister Faith had heroically donated her bone marrow to Autumn. “She is so thankful she was able to help her!” said Autumn’s mom Melanie. In April, just six months after her bone marrow transplant, Autumn’s biopsy showed no evidence of leukemia.

“We are feeling so grateful she is still with us, and thankful God has allowed her to heal,” said Melanie.

At her bone marrow biopsy appointment, Autumn had one thing on her mind – getting back to normal. “The doctor asked Autumn if she had any questions, and she said, ‘Yes. Please can I go to school?’” said Melanie. “She was told she could, and she was so excited! No nerves whatsoever. It was me who was nervous just because her immune system is still not 100%,” said Melanie. “When you have a bone marrow transplant, it’s as if you are a newborn. You have no immune system.” But all nerves aside, for the very first time, Autumn got to join her kindergarten classmates in-person. “This girl is unstoppable and so determined,” said Melanie.

Going forward, Autumn will go to Children’s in Minnesota to have her bloodwork checked every month until October, which is her one-year post bone marrow transplant anniversary.

“I think Pinky Swear is a phenomenal organization, and I want to keep paying it forward,” said Melanie. “Pinky Swear has a special place in our hearts. It is so well run, and the people are so nice,” explained Melanie. “We are so grateful.”

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