DIAGNOSIS: Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL)
HOBBIES: Creating art, making music videos, pulling pranks on her family members, and playing with her cats.

“We laugh a lot, despite all of this, we laugh a lot.”


Anja has had anything but an easy journey. After being diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL), Anja endured years of chemotherapy, followed by relapse of the cancer, weeks in a coma, and hospice care.

When doctors sent Jeff and his wife home with their daughter on hospice, Jeff expresses, “I couldn’t let myself believe it. We saw something in her eyes.” With slow increments of miraculous improvement, Anja was eventually taken off of hospice. After more chemotherapy, she was able to receive a Car-T transplant to hopefully eradicate her cancer for good. Anja and her family don’t yet know where this journey ends, as they still have a lot of therapy to do and much uncertainty for the future. “We know it’s a miracle.”

Anja’s family was able to receive assistance from Pinky Swear’s All-Star Fund and also take part in their Holiday Party. “It just blew me away. And we’re still relying on those types of organizations to help us through. I just don’t know what we’d do without some of that help,” Jeff says. “But I wouldn’t change anything. Nothing else would have mattered if I had lost my daughter.”

Anja is beginning to make music videos again, interacting with her pet cats, and joking around with her dad. “We laugh a lot,”he says. “Despite all of this, we laugh a lot.”

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