DIAGNOSIS: Bilateral Wilm’s Tumors

James still is as happy as ever – “he thinks everything’s a party.”


“James has been an absolute delight since the day he was born”, his mom expresses. Determined to fit in with his older siblings, most of his days are spent following his brother and sister around doing whatever they’re doing.

At 16 months old, James’ parents took him in to his pediatrician regarding a bulge on his stomach. The ultrasound results quickly called for a CT scan, where fears were confirmed – James had Bilateral Wilm’s Tumors.

That same week, James had a port put in and began chemotherapy. After 12 weeks of chemo, he was able to have his surgery which removed his right kidney and a bit of his left. James received 12 more weeks of chemotherapy following his surgery. With 3 fevers and a hospitalization in one month alone, James’ family was “annihilated with out-of-pocket expenses”, says MaryBeth, James’ mom. “Pinky Swear was able to pay our mortgage payment and provide us with gift cards to off-set some of our monthly expenses. Real life keeps happening even though your kid has cancer.”

James is currently in remission, receiving his last treatment a day before his second birthday! Despite being down nearly one and a half kidneys, James still is as happy as ever – “he thinks everything’s a party.” MaryBeth says. “Whenever I say, ‘James, time to get in the car!’ he says ‘PARTY!’ He just gets so excited that he gets to come with!”

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