DIAGNOSIS: Burkitts Lymphoma
HOBBIES: Nintendo 3DS, movies, camping, fishing, San Francisco 49ers football

"It is a challenge every day to keep him balanced and stable. He has so many different health issues. But every day is a blessing."


Kaiden was adopted by his biological mother’s foster parent, Deanna, who was a nurse. He was born fighting, with less than 1% chance to survive his first day. Since receiving a kidney transplant at age two, his quality-of-life was as normal as Deanna could make it.

Nine years later they faced another life-threatening illness: cancer. He had a complex battle, trying to fight the cancer while protecting his transplant kidney. Since the fall of 2016 Kaiden received six cycles of chemotherapy, with each cycle being 21 days.

“All of my time and energy is used taking care of him. I'm falling apart inside trying to keep it together,” wrote single mom Deanna. “I really need some help so that I can stop worrying about financial situations and focus on getting him through this.”

Pinky Swear received Deanna’s request, and stepped in to help with gift cards for gas and groceries, a mortgage payment, and an All-Star Weekend. They were also able to come to an All-Star Holiday Toy Shoppe to pick out Christmas gifts for their family.

“Pinky Swear has been awesome! We enjoyed the Christmas gifts, and we're so grateful for the help with my December mortgage. We also loved his All-Star Weekend,” said Deanna. “Since he was battling lymphoma over the holidays, we were unable to go visit our only family. So we invited them to our All-Star Weekend and it was awesome!”

Kaiden is currently two months post-chemo and cancer free. He had surgery in March 2017 to remove his port.

“It is a challenge every day to keep him balanced and stable. He has so many different health issues. But every day is a blessing.”

Kaiden with a pirate ship from the Pinky Swear All-Star Holiday Toy Shoppe

Pinky Swear All-Star Story presented by Love Your Melon

Love Your Melon is an apparel brand run by college students across the country on a mission to give a hat to every child battling cancer in America. A percentage of the net proceeds from the sale of all Love Your Melon products are donated to Pinky Swear Foundation to support kids with cancer and their families.

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