HOBBIES: Choir, friends, nature

“I am so thankful for all the help because I’ll tell you: I don’t know how we can survive without all of the help."


Twelve-year-old Kiana enjoyed being outside, playing with friends, attending school and singing in choir. Her family woke up at 5:50 am everyday to get ready for work and school.

Kiana’s gym teacher had noticed a lot of bruising on her legs and suggested that she might need more vitamins. Her mom, Michelle, took her to the clinic to determine what type of vitamins would be best. The doctors ran some test, which had taken longer than usual. After 2 hours passed, the doctor came back with the results and said that there were some abnormal results in her blood.

Kiana and her family were sent to a different hospital to do further testing. They were sent to a room and Michelle had a feeling they would be staying there for awhile. The doctors ran test after test.

The next day, several doctors entered the room and when they said, “Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia,” Michelle said, “My heart dropped and I could not breathe. I just couldn't understand what they were talking about. All I knew was that this was serious.”

The following day, Kiana started treatment.

“I was so worried. Am I going to lose my daughter? She is only 12-years-old,” recalled Michelle.

One month in to treatment, Kiana started losing a lot of her hair; they tried to braid it to keep it from falling off so fast. Eventually, it got knotted and messy, so they cut it off. Kiana was very upset.

As a single mother and primary caregiver of two, Michelle’s income was dwindling down after spending numerous days in the hospital. They got through it with help from friends, family and Pinky Swear.

Pinky Swear stepped in to cover a rent payment and a car payment as a part of the Envelope Program. In addition, Kiana and her family were able to attend a VIP Experience at a Kansas City Chiefs game.

“I am so thankful for all the help because I’ll tell you: I don’t know how we can survive without all of the help. We would probably be living in the streets right now. It is like a chaos swept away from your life,” said Michelle.

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