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"It just took a lot of stress off of everything, so I could focus on getting Noah well."


Prior to being diagnosed with Leukemia, life was not always easy for Noah's family - with single mother, Tracy, working extra hours to make ends meet. Noah's family was in the middle of transitioning to a new home in North Carolina when they found out he had cancer.

“Nothing is worse than the doctor telling you that your child has a 20% chance of survival,” said Tracy.

The day of the diagnosis, Noah’s mom quit her job. It was no longer about working overtime or making money. It was now about sticking together, showing love and support, and fighting for Noah.

Pinky Swear helped provided financial support to Noah’s family with their rent and utility payments.

“I'm so grateful for the Pinky Swear Foundation, especially because I didn't know sometimes how I was going to pay my rent and I would be worried sick literally thinking, ‘Oh my God, I don't know how I'm going to do this. I can't work. I can't pay my bills.' It just took a lot of stress off of everything, so I could focus on getting Noah well," explained Tracy. "It helped a lot and I am forever grateful."

Noah’s cancer experience has affected his family in many ways. Through many nights spent living in the hospital the four children have grown closer and have formed a stronger bond than ever. Noah is responding well to chemotherapy treatment and will be finished by summer 2018.

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