Updated 8.8.22
This page is dedicated to the increased need families with a child battling cancer are currently facing. As prices continue to rise, families  continue to struggle.


A Note from a Parent of a Child with Cancer:

Dear Friend,

As a mom of a child fighting cancer, I want to keep it real with you.

This battle is hard. Emotionally, physically, spiritually.

You know how expensive gas is right now. I drive back and forth two hours daily between the hospital and home. I have other children at home. They miss their brother.

I’m nauseous every night leaving the hospital. He continues to get weaker with every treatment. I’m afraid I’ll miss a moment with him I may not have later.

My car has major wear and tear. It needs an oil change and new brakes.

I can’t afford that right now. I can’t afford much of anything.

Travels to and from the hospital leave no time for me to hold a job.

Debt is piling up.

As my baby boy nears the end of his battle, I want more than anything to bring him his favorite foods, but even the $20 it takes to buy food seems impossible.

I am heartbroken. I am lost. I feel alone.

Thank you for reading my hardship.

– A struggling parent

This letter is a combination of stories we’ve heard from far too many parents with a child battling cancer. Decreased income, countless miles, endless bills. So much loss. 

You deserve to know – this is the reality. 

A Note from Pinky Swear’s Executive Director:

Right now, there is an abundance of struggle in the childhood cancer space.

Today’s inflation and economic challenges are overwhelming.

You’ve felt this at the gas pump and the grocery store. Now imagine driving 400 miles a week for treatment with two other children at home to feed.

Fortunately, together we have said ‘yes’ to families asking for financial support. Month after month, year after year. Word is out that Pinky Swear is here to help.

But, here’s the deal.

This year, every single month, the requests for help have been more than double last year’s numbers. The rapid rise in requests is starting to outpace the financial support from donors.

– Erica Campbell
Executive Director

I’m telling you this because I need to be fully transparent with you; it’s a tough reality we’re facing. Unfortunately, I suspect you’ll be hearing more from me about this in the coming months.

In the meantime, I’m doing everything I can to keep saying YES to families facing childhood cancer.

Thanks so much for being in this together.

A Note from Pinky Swear’s Vice President of Program:

I just received a call from a parent that made my stomach drop. My team asked me to tell you about it.

It was a single parent. She was at the gas pump, sobbing.

She had $10 to fill her tank. She needed to travel 110 miles to see her seven-year-old son in the hospital. He was alone.

All she wanted was to be with her son.  

You heard last week from Erica about the increased needs we’re seeing. From the frontlines, I’m telling you, so many families are desperate. I’ve been here six years. I’ve never seen this kind of need.

I get these phone calls all the time. I have to stay focused on the good. You’re the good. 

I’m going to keep answering the phone. Our team is going to keep you in the loop. And together we’ll keep doing good.

– Karen Svendsen
Vice President of Program

A Note from Pinky Swear’s Vice President of Philanthropy:

Your tank is empty. 

You have $10 to make the four-hour-round-trip to see your daughter battling leukemia alone in the hospital. She quietly cries every time you leave.

You call Pinky Swear Foundation. You’re able to fill your tank. You get there. 

She sees you and smiles.

Can you fill a tank?  

Your gift makes a direct difference, right now, for parents wanting to be with their child. 

Your gift is gas, but it is so much more. It is a parent’s love. We trust our donors to unite parents with their children in the hospital. 

Pinkies up to you for considering this impactful gift.

– Lacey Kraft
Vice President of Philanthropy