Kahler hotels working with Pinky Swear nonprofit

Families with children diagnosed with cancer now have a chance for a free All-Star Weekend stay in Rochester’s Kahler Hospitality Group hotels.

KHG recently began working with the Minneapolis-based Pinky Swear Foundation to offer one All-Star Weekend stay in a Kahler-owned hotel each month. Fairway Outdoor billboards will welcome each family via a Rochester billboard.

“We are extremely excited to be supporting such a remarkable organization,” said Bill Dwyer, area director for the Kahler Hospitality Group. “The support and resources that the Pinky Swear Foundation provides families battling cancer is truly heartwarming.”

The Kahler is committed to hosting one weekend per month during 2016 and 2016.

“The Kahler approached us with this. This is the first partner outside of the Twin Cities that we’ve established on an ongoing basis,” said Pinky Swear Program Director Colleen Norton.”We’ve been helping families being treated at Mayo Clinic since 2003.”

Pinky Swear has been offering these All Star Weekend get-aways, since 2009. Any family who has a child diagnosed with cancer and is going through or has just completed treatment is eligible, according to Norton. She estimates Pinky Swear sponsors about five to eight All Star Weekends per month.

“For many families, an All-Star Weekend is a great time to celebrate after finishing treatment,” she said.

The first family to participate in Rochester stayed in a Kahler hotel this past weekend.

Source: Rochester Post Bulletin

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