Kids Tri Blog: Stay Hydrated

Summer is here and there’s no better time to enjoy outdoor triathlon training while having fun with family and friends! Some of my favorite summer activities are swimming and biking and I’m sure they are some of your favorites too!

While it’s important to get outside and enjoy physical activity and triathlon training, it’s equally as important to do so safely in the summer heat. Hydration is beyond important to athletes’ success. Keep plenty of water and electrolytes available during training to prevent dehydration. Be sure to drink plenty of water POST exercise as well, not just during.

Always wear a helmet while cycling no matter what!! Arms, legs, scratches and bruises heal very well compared to your head and brain. Your brain is responsible for so much so it’s up to us to protect it with a helmet! Follow and know the rules of the road for your safety and those around you. Be courteous of other cyclists. If you’re a little slower, be mindful of that and stay to the right. If you’re zooming by, be courteous of others and shout out “passing on the left” when approaching. We all do better when we look out for each other.

Last safety triathlon tip is to always swim in groups and never unattended. I love to practice and cool off in the ocean, pools, and lakes during the summer but never alone. Make sure you are swimming when and where it’s permitted only and always with someone!

Here’s to lots of miles and smiles this triathlon season! Have a safe, healthy, and most important FUN summer.

Written By: Nikia Rozo
Head Coach, Orangetheory Fitness Mooresville

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