$6 Million + In Donations!
David and Janis Larson Foundation

David Larson firmly believed that if a cause is worth supporting today, it’s worth supporting in perpetuity. David and Janis Larson always believed in helping those in need and with their business and financial success they have been able to make that dream come true through the establishment of the David and Janis Larson Foundation.

Dave and Jani’s enthusiasm for giving has been passed on to their sons, Lance and Reid Larson. Lance and Reid continue to work in their mother and father’s honor to ensure that the Larson Legacy of Giving is passed on to next generation and for many generations to come.

David’s son, Lance, walked alongside his best friend, Tim, when they lost their 5-year-old son, Cal, to childhood cancer. Throughout Cal’s journey, Lance learned of the financial and emotional stress families endure. In response, the Larson Family led the vision for the Super Cal Endowment Fund, rooted in David’s values and vision.

The David and Janis Larson Foundation has offered a generous match to fund their vision of a $10 million Super Cal Endowment Fund. They are generous, philanthropic leaders, rooted in David and Cal’s legacy.