$6 Million + In Donations!
David & Janis Larson Foundation

When the son of their dear friends developed a brain tumor and underwent months of cancer treatments, brothers Lance and Reid Larson wanted to help in any way they could. Their desire to help their friends quickly grew into a passion for helping all families who were facing impossible financial choices brought on by childhood cancer.

When young Cal passed away, Lance and Reid knew they needed to do something, and they wanted it to be huge.

Rooted in Cal’s memory, the Larson Family led the vision for the Super Cal Endowment Campaign. In 2020, the campaign kicked off with a challenge to the community. For each dollar given to the Pinky Swear Endowment, the David and Janis Larson Foundation would provide a matching dollar, up to $3 million. The ball started rolling immediately. The community responded to the challenge, and less than three years later, this transformational campaign has raised more than $10 million.

Why an endowment campaign? As Lance says, his father, the late David Larsen, firmly believed that if a cause is worth funding today, it’s worth funding forever.