$1 Million + In Donations!
KLN Family Brands

KLN Family Brands has been supporting Pinky Swear Foundation since 2015. A third-generation family-owned business based in Perham, MN, KLN Family Brands provides crucial funds to Pinky Swear Foundation through Wiley Wallaby Licorice sales, NutriSource Pet Foods retail partners, partnerships with the New York Yankees, event sponsorships and more.

“There is a reason why ‘family’ is in the middle of our company’s name,” said Charlie Nelson, president of KLN Family Brands. “Family is at heart of everything we’re about and everything we stand for. It’s a privilege to work with Pinky Swear Foundation to lend support to families when they need it most.”

In September 2016, KLN Family Brands CEO, Charlie Nelson, announced on that KLN was committing $1 million to Pinky Swear over the next five years. The new partnership was sealed with an official licorice cutting.

For more information on KLN Family Brands and its products, please visit www.klnfamilybrands.com.


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