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Are you interested in registering your school to join the Pinky Swear PACK program? Get involved today and start making a difference for kids with cancer and their families when they need it most – right now! We offer opportunities to participate in virtual events with All-Stars and their families, provide support through fundraising, leadership learning experiences, scholarship opportunities and more!


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The Pinky Swear Foundation has always been centered around "kids helping kids" and honoring youth who support the original Pinky Swear promise. Pinky Swear will be awarding individuals scholarships, up to $1,500, to recognize their efforts. The goal of the scholarship is to celebrate talented student leaders who have strived to support children battling cancer. Who is eligible: Ages 8-21 and must be active in the Pinky Swear Youth Leadership Council (YLC,)PACK or been an active Pinky Swear Foundation Youth Volunteer for the past 6 months. Criteria for award determination:
  • Leadership - Attending meetings and being an active member while in attendance. Leadership is also defined as supporting kids battling cancer by attending Pinky Swear events and being an advocate for the organization.
  • Dollars fundraised – Personal fundraising campaigns and/or PACK campaigns.
  • Connection to childhood cancer – Showing an understanding of how cancer affects a child and family.
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region 1

Marisa Imbroane – UCLA (Region 1)

"Being part of the PACK program has been such a rewarding experience. Even though this program only began a short year ago, I have gained so much from it in ways like growing as a leader, finding new friends (both at my school and across the country!), and most importantly being able to support kids battling cancer and the families. I cannot wait to see what all of the PACKs accomplish this year and am so excited to serve as the Region 1 Leader."

region 2

Taylor Griffin – Montana State University (Region 2)

"I am Taylor Griffin and I am a senior at Montana State University! This is my second year as a regional leader and I couldn’t be more excited. I love being apart of Pinky Swear because we make such a difference in the lives of kids and families affected by pediatric cancer. I am proud to be apart of something so HUGE with the most incredible group of people."

region 3

Kendra Lepper – University of Wisconsin Green Bay (Region 3)

"Joining the Pinky Swear PACK Program has given me the opportunity to impact families’ lives not only in my community, but nationwide. It’s also given me the opportunity to take on new, and sometimes challenging, experiences while growing my leadership skills along the way. But most importantly, it’s reminded me that cancer is a family diagnosis, and no one gets left behind. Through the Pinky Swear PACK, we’re able to help each family member in different ways, which is something really special and unique about the program – and Pinky Swear Foundation!"

region 4

Claire Mulkeen – Rutgers University (Region 4)

“Being part of Pinky Swear is so special to me not only because I can help families in need, but also because of the community that comes with being part of the program. Knowing that there are other students all across the country who are working to make a change in so many others lives is super inspiring and makes it even more exciting! Having a club that connects so many people at Rutgers and across the country is something that I am so grateful to be a part of.”

region 5

Riley Bauer – University of Pittsburg (Region 5)

“I’m Riley, a senior at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA! I am a Human Resources intern at the Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia, continuing my passion for helping children with cancer. I absolutely love being apart of such an amazing student organization. The mission of the PACK is so inspiring and brining awareness to college campuses makes a huge difference!”

region 6

Meghan Pagliuca – Fairfield University (Region 6)

“I enjoy being a part of the PACK program because I get to connect and work with an amazing group of individuals who all share a common goal of helping children with cancer and their families. In addition I truly feel as though the work done by the PACKs has made a difference in the lives of those children and their families.”