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Are you interested in registering your school to join the Pinky Swear PACK program? Get involved today and start making a difference for kids with cancer and their families when they need it most – right now! We offer opportunities to participate in virtual events with All-Stars and their families, provide support through fundraising, leadership learning experiences, scholarship opportunities and more!


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The Pinky Swear Foundation has always been centered around "kids helping kids" and honoring youth who support the original Pinky Swear promise. Pinky Swear will be awarding individuals scholarships, up to $1,500, to recognize their efforts. The goal of the scholarship is to celebrate talented student leaders who have strived to support children battling cancer. Who is eligible: Ages 8-21 and must be active in the Pinky Swear Youth Leadership Council (YLC,)PACK or been an active Pinky Swear Foundation Youth Volunteer for the past 6 months. Criteria for award determination:
  • Leadership - Attending meetings and being an active member while in attendance. Leadership is also defined as supporting kids battling cancer by attending Pinky Swear events and being an advocate for the organization.
  • Dollars fundraised – Personal fundraising campaigns and/or PACK campaigns.
  • Connection to childhood cancer – Showing an understanding of how cancer affects a child and family.

  • *Applications for 2021 are currently closed. Applications reopen in January 2022.
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region 1

Central Washington University (Region 1)

I am a part of the Pinky Swear PACK Program because growing up I had a really close friend that was diagnosed with Leukemia. I did not know how to help and soon realized that all I could really do was be there as a friend and help her smile. Unfortunately cancer affects many adolescents emotionally and physically and being on the outside of it, it can be hard to know what we can do to help. I joined the PACK to bring smiles to kids and their families affected by cancer; as well as, spread awareness to others and guide others to do the same!

region 2

Montana State University (Region 2)

Being a part of the Pinky Swear PACK programs means everything to me. I was only about 10 when I started fundraising for a family friend affected by pediatric cancer and it has been my life’s mission to do everything I can to help others going through the same journey. U enjoy everything Pinky Swear is about and I have met some of the most incredible, selfless people in doing so. All of these people I have had the honor to know have the biggest hears to be able to help others without knowing them.

region 3

Michigan State University (Region 3)

I joined PACK in order to give pediatric cancer patients some of their childhood back that cancer may have taken away from them when they were diagnosed. Cancer removes many joyful aspects of a family and child’s life and this organization does an incredible job at helping them feel like they are part of a larger family, that supports their journey! By fundraising, spreading awareness, and helping patients along the way, we can give pediatric cancer patients a piece of their childhood back!

region 4

Western Carolina University (Region 4)

I am a part of this program because I want to be a part of something that allows me to make a difference. I love this program because you are able to meet other college students around the country who share a similar passion of advocating for pediatric cancer. Pinky Swear PACK program also helps identify leadership abilities within yourself and enables you to grow while participating in your PACK.

region 5

University of Pittsburg (Region 5)

These All-Stars we help out face a level of suffering and fear that is indescribable – all in the beginning years of their lives. They somehow handle it with such grace, still finding excitement and joy in the little things. That alone inspires me. I am honored to give them a little something extra to be excited about and strive every day to do my part to ease a fraction of their suffering.

region 6

Ithaca College (Region 6)

Pinky Swear Foundation is always working to help more families, and I am so grateful I get to be a part of such an incredible organization. Working with different packs across the country to help children battling pediatric cancer is so rewarding, and I have made some of my best friends in this club. The Pinky Swear Pack Program is truly an amazing thing to be a part of, and I can't wait to see how it continues to grow!