The Pinky Swear Foundation Charles M. Harper Youth Leadership Council is a group of ambitious and engaged youth (grades seven – 12) striving to be keepers of the Pinky Swear Promise to help kids with cancer and their families with emotional and financial support. This active, social group of young people helps build awareness with their peers, increase fundraising in their region and spread a national movement. YLC members are: Ambassadors of and for the Pinky Swear mission and story Advisors providing recruiting, leading and mentoring for young athletes and fundraisers Entrepreneurs identifying new opportunities for youth to be involved with Pinky Swear Changemakers developing the next generation of the Youth Leadership Council


The Pinky Swear Foundation has always been centered around "kids helping kids" and honoring youth who support the original Pinky Swear promise. Pinky Swear will be awarding individuals scholarships, up to $1,500, to recognize their efforts. The goal of the scholarship is to celebrate talented student leaders who have strived to support children battling cancer. Who is eligible: Ages 8-21 and must be active in the Pinky Swear Youth Leadership Council (YLC,)PACK or been an active Pinky Swear Foundation Youth Volunteer for the past 6 months.

Criteria for award determination includes:

Leadership - Attending meetings and being an active member while in attendance. Leadership is also defined as supporting kids battling cancer by attending Pinky Swear events and being an advocate for the organization.

Dollars fundraised – Personal fundraising campaigns and/or PACK campaigns.

Connection to childhood cancer – Showing an understanding of how cancer affects a child and family.