Our mission at Pinky Swear is to help kids with cancer and their families with financial and emotional support with a vision of saying 'Yes!' to every family.

The Pinky Swear Story

Mitch was nine years old when he was diagnosed with bone cancer. When he was in the hospital in December, he overheard the family next to him having a discussion that there would not be enough money for Christmas that year. Mitch looked at his dad and said, “This isn’t fair. How much money do I have in the bank?”

Steve helped Mitch into his wheelchair and took him to the bank. Mitch withdrew all the money he had in his savings account and put it in envelopes for the kids on the pediatric oncology floor at the hospital. He signed each envelope, “Love Mitch. XOXOXO”

Before nine-year-old Mitch Chepokas passed away, he made a pinky swear with his dad to continue to help children with cancer and their families.

Since his death in 2003, Pinky Swear Foundation has provided more than $16 million in financial assistance and quality of life support. We’ve helped thousands of families whose children are bravely battling cancer.

We believe in the three Cs...

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