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On-Site Hospital Pantry

Pinky Swear Pantries provide on-site hospital food pantries stocked with snacks, grab-and-go meals, and a variety of packaged treats, allowing families to stay close to their child and ease the financial burden of food costs. Whether it's a single-day visit or an extended stay, these pantries ensure that families have access to food without added worries.


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Donate directly to the Minnesota Pantries

You can purchase pantry items that will ship directly to the Pinky Swear offices. This food will then be delivered to Children's Minneapolis and M Fairview Health Masonic Hospitals. 

Approved Items for Minneapolis Pantries:

  • Microwave popcorn in individual bags
  • Microwave macaroni and cheese bowls
  • Microwave soups/noodle bowls
  • Microwave bowl meals
  • Chips, pretzels, crackers and cookies in individual bags
  • Fruit cups and snacks
  • Oatmeal bowls
  • Granola and protein bars
  • Beef jerky
  • Juice boxes and sports drinks
  • Other pre-packaged food

Approved Items for Charlotte Pantry:

  • Microwave popcorn in individual bags 
  • Microwave macaroni and cheese bowls
  • Microwave ramen noodle bowls
  • Granola and protein bars
  • Chips, pretzels or crackers in individual bags
  • Sports drinks

Thank you Pantry Partners!

Host a Pantry Drive

Contact us to learn how you or your company can hold a pantry drive benefiting families with kids with cancer.