Cancer knows no bounds

Pinky Swear Foundation aims to serve every family who hears the words "your child has cancer."

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15,000 kids are diagnosed with cancer each year

In general, 1/5 families struggle with food, transportation, housing, or utility insecurity. After a childhood cancer diagnosis and six months of chemo, 1/3 families struggle with one of those items. *Source

Together, we support families like these financially.


annual income

Over half the families we serve are living on less than $45,000 a year. 


on leave from work

75% of families report that one parent is on leave from work as a result of the child's cancer diagnosis.


travel long distances for treatment

34% of families travel two or more hours to their hospital/clinic for treatment.

55% self identify as BIPOC

Families receive support in three ways.

Support is often immediate.


apply for the Orange Envelope

within one month of diagnosis


apply for Orange Envelope

within two months of diagnosis


apply for Orange Envelope

within three months of diagnosis

In 2023, the average family applied within 64 days of a diagnosis.

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