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Fundraise for Kids with Cancer

Ease the burden of kids with cancer and their families

The more money you raise, the more families you can help. Fundraise to provide housing, food, and transportation support to families facing childhood cancer. Because of you, families can focus on what matters most - their child.

How you can help


Start a Fundraiser

Create your account and build your page to collect donations. Then plan your event, online campaign, or other activity to raise funds.


Tell Everyone You Know

Donate to your own fundraiser to kick things off. Next, share your fundraiser with friends, family, and colleagues to encourage them to donate.


Help Kids with Cancer

With the help of you and your donors, you'll be providing housing, food, and transportation support for families dealing with childhood cancer.

Fundraising Ideas:

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Start a Fundraiser

Make a difference in the lives of kids with cancer today.