The Pinky Swear Pack

Join the growing group of students across the country who are raising dollars to support kids with cancer and their families.

What is a Pack?

Pinky Swear Packs are groups of students who gather together to raise awareness and funding for kids with cancer and their families.

Typically, these groups of students are formed on high school and college campuses. Pack members participate in a variety of activities throughout the school year including monthly meetings, fundraisers, letter writing, and more.

Pinky Swear Packs not only make a positive impact on children with cancer and their families, but they also create a close-knit community among the students. 

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    “Being a part of Pinky Swear has been an amazing experience! I love being able to make a direct impact on children and their families directly affected by pediatric cancer."
    Nolan Parks
    University of Nebraska
    “My senior year of high school, I was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma. I understand firsthand how meaningful Pinky Swear’s mission is for families and children. I am excited to be able to continue to give back all the kindness that we received.”
    Tanner Kelm
    Minnesota State University - Mankato
    "I have been involved with the Pinky Swear Foundation since my sophomore year of college and have loved being a part of it ever since! I’m super excited to continue supporting the mission.”
    Melanie Bonell
    Temple University