Childhood cancer changes everything

Together, we provide financial support to kids with cancer and their families so they can focus on what matters most - their child.

No One Plans for Cancer

Every time a family hears the words "your child has cancer," they are forced to make hard decisions. They ask themselves: "Do I keep working while having to take large amounts of time off for treatments and hospital stays? If I quit my job to take care of them will we survive financially?"
Medical bills can be delayed, but rent is due, bills still come, and food is a necessity. Families facing childhood cancer need help with everyday expenses. Pinky Swear Foundation provides financial support for housing, food, and transportation so families can focus on their child.

Ease the Burden for Kids with Cancer and Their Families

Not Knowing How to Help is Overwhelming

We understand and we know how to help. Our 9-year-old founder Mitch set the example and gave us a promise to live up to: help kids with cancer and their families. Since 2003, we have helped thousands of families with financial and emotional support.

How to Help


Read a Story

Be inspired by our All-Star stories where the bravery of kids with cancer will touch your heart.



We serve thousands of families each year. With your support, we can say "yes" to even more.


Make a Difference

Your support goes directly to families to help with housing, food, and transportation costs.

You Will Make a Difference

We know you are the kind of people who want to be generous and help kids with cancer right now. In order to make a difference, you need to give to organizations that are trustworthy. The problem is that there are so many worthy causes to support. You should feel good about your giving and see the direct impact. We understand and that's why our giving model is simple: the more funding we raise, the more families we are able to help. Read an impact story, make a donation, and share the story. Because of you, families can make the decision to go to that appointment, sit by their child's side, and worry about one less bill.
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Make a Difference

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