29 Ways to Raise Money for Kids with Cancer and Their Families

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Sep 13, 2023 2:54:54 PM

Whether you want to get creative and come up with your own ideas, or use one from this list, here are some inspiring ideas for hosting a fundraiser for kids with cancer and their families in your community. 

Bake sale: Enlist some expert bakers and sell baked goods in your local community.

Block party:  An old-fashioned block party on your street or in a parking lot can draw a huge turn-out. Ask a local DJ to donate a few hours, recruit neighbors to BBQ, offer face painting, games, and more.

Bowling night: Team up and register for a bowling tournament. Donate entry fees to Pinky Swear Foundation.

Brown bag lunch day: Have everyone bring their lunch to work/school and donate the money they would have spent to eat out to PSF.

Bingo night (virtual or in-person): Get unique prizes donated, charge a per-board fee, and begin!

NMTC Car Wash 2023

Car wash: For this classic fundraiser, ask for suggested donations instead of charging a price. 

Craft fair (virtual or in-person): Solicit makers to create crafts and sell them to benefit kids with cancer and their families.

Coin drive: Set up coin jars in your office or business and set a goal. Make it a competition amongst departments/locations! The winning team gets a prize.

Challenges: Challenge another school, business, or team to raise more money. Ask a local radio station to promote your challenge for free on the air. This fundraiser is perfect for clubs that are active across different schools.

Concession stands: Ask a local sports team concession stand to give a percentage or dollar amount to Pinky Swear Foundation from the season’s sales.

Fitness Night (virtual or in-person): Ask a fitness instructor to host a class where all fees to enter go to your fundraiser.

Game night: Host a game night at your home or community center with an entry fee.

Golf tournament: Play a round of golf for kids with cancer. Ask groups to purchase a foursome and proceeds benefit Pinky Swear. Solicit sponsorships of holes from local businesses.


Happy hour: Ask your favorite local bar or restaurant to host a happy hour benefiting kids with cancer and their families.

Hot dog cookout: Have a tailgate party or pregame cookout. Create specialty hot dogs and sell them!

Karaoke night: Let loose and sing a song that moves you, all while supporting kids with cancer. Ask for a donation for every song sung.

Lemonade Stand: Who doesn’t like a glass of ice-cold lemonade?

Ice cream social: Scoop a variety of flavors and toppings for a work, school, or community event.

Movie night (virtual or in-person): Rent a projector and watch a favorite film in your own backyard, school, community center, on Zoom, etc. Sell admission tickets, buttery popcorn, candy, and soda.

Music event (virtual or in-person): Set up a battle of the bands, DJ scratch contest…whatever you’d like! Encourage people to give to the performer they like best!

Pancake breakfast: Serve up sweet flapjack stacks at your church, community center, or workplace.

Parking space auction: Who doesn’t want that prime spot at work?
Party with a purpose: in lieu of birthday or wedding gifts, ask guests to donate funds to Pinky Swear Foundation.

Percentage of sales: This is a popular one. Ask a local business, restaurant, or retail location to donate a percentage of sales to Pinky Swear, then promote it to drive traffic. If you own your own business, consider donation a percentage of your own sales to Pinky Swear.

Two girls holding hands while coming through the finish line at a Hy-Vee Triathalon to support Pinky Swear Foundation

Run/Walk/Triathlon: Organize a run/walk/triathlon in your local community! Sell tickets with the proceeds going to Pinky Swear. Ask local businesses to sponsor giveaways.

Sell your arts/crafts: Are you an artist? Sell your creative works and donate the proceeds to Pinky Swear Foundation!

Silent auction: Ask local businesses or craftspeople to donate products or gift certificates for services and let the bidding begin! This is a popular tactic to make an event even more successful.

Spaghetti dinner: Host a spaghetti night at your church, community center, or even at home. Donate the proceeds to kids with cancer and their families.

Sports tournament: Host a dodgeball game or basketball game with ticket sales benefiting PSF. Encourage teams to dress up in themed attire to add to the festive atmosphere.

T-Shirt sales: Are you hosting a sports event, or another themed event? Design special tee shirts to commemorate it and donate the profits to Pinky Swear Foundation.

Did we miss one?! What ideas can you add to this list?

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