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Dec 4, 2023 3:29:00 PM

This year, the number of financial requests from families grew exponentially. Thanks to you, Pinky Swear Foundation said “yes” to more families than ever before.


The results indicated in the photo to the left are driven by you and powered by your shared values of Compassion, Collaboration, and Celebration.


The Orange Envelope Program for newly diagnosed families became a focus in 2023. Because of your compassion, thousands of families received immediate financial relief, letters of encouragement, and emotional support at the start of the childhood cancer journey.

We also know that many families enter the childhood cancer journey already at risk. 45% of families served are surviving on less than $40,000 per year.* They truly need this direct financial support to make ends meet at a time when their family expenses are skyrocketing.  

All-Star Robert and his mom

The compassion you provide from your giving is tangible and meaningful. Over 95% of families with a child battling cancer reported a significant reduction in stress from your direct financial support.


Hospital social workers regularly meet with families and help identify those with the greatest financial need for housing, transportation, and food. Nearly 82% of families who apply for our financial support are referred to us by hospital social workers.

Research has shown that providing direct financial support can improve the health outcomes of children with cancer. For example, parents are better able to travel to the doctor for necessary medical visits or afford temporary housing near a specialized hospital far away from home.

Collaboration value at Pinky SwearThe financial support you provide directly improves the chances of a successful treatment plan.  

This is a direct result of our collaboration with compassionate people and partners like you.


Many of you made ‘tribute’ gifts in honor of a loved one, and we were able to celebrate your important relationships, milestones, and memories. We also celebrate the incredible resilience of the kids and families through storytelling on our new website and social media channels.

We completed our $10 million dollar endowment campaign in honor of the beloved “Super Cal.” Because of this asset, we will be able to help families today, tomorrow, and forever.

Celebration Value at Pinky Swear

But our work is not over.

There are more families with a child battling cancer than we can help. Every month, we can only accept applications from families for a few days, because within hours the budget is filled.

This keeps me up at night. It also fuels my passion and inspires me.

While this high demand is overwhelming, it confirms that our work is filling an important need.

The good news is that it’s a tangible problem we can solve together.

In 2024, we’ll be launching a new campaign to grow sustainably, reliably fund our monthly programs, and invite more people like you into our mission.

Together, we will carry on the legacy of a pinky swear promise to always help kids with cancer and their families.

My request is this:

  1. Celebrate yourself! You are already a committed member of this community.
  2. Spread the word! Share our story or this blog with three friends.
  3. Make a promise to yourself on how you will get involved. Make an introduction, share your network, or make a gift today.

Pinky Swear team member Erica CampbellWith you, the future is bright and the impact is real. Pinkies up!





*Bona, K., London, W. B., Guo, D., Frank, D. A., & Wolfe, J. (2016). Trajectory of Material Hardship and Income Poverty in Families of Children Undergoing Chemotherapy: A Prospective Cohort Study. Pediatric blood & cancer, 63(1), 105–111.

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