“Outstanding Young Person in Philanthropy” Awarded to a Pinky Swear Pack Member at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

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Aug 30, 2023 4:15:54 PM

Pinky Swear Foundation has awarded the “Outstanding Young Person in Philanthropy” Scholarship Award to Brooke Hartwig, a Pinky Swear Pack member at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for her dedication to the mission. The Pinky Swear Pack is a national initiative that empowers college students to advocate and raise funds for children with cancer and their families.

“I am so humbled to receive this award. Since the day I joined The Pack, I have been so inspired by the mission of Pinky Swear Foundation. I love that the foundation allows me to connect with All-Star families and make a difference in their lives. As I apply to get my master’s to become a Physician Assistant, I am so appreciative of the support and generosity I have received from everyone in The Pack and at Pinky Swear Foundation. This organization truly holds a special place in my heart and has been one of the highlights of my college experience,” said Brooke.

A group of college students holding cards they made for Pinky Swear Foundation All-Star kids and their families dealing with childhood cancer.

The recipient of the Pinky Swear “Outstanding Young Person in Philanthropy” scholarship award serves as a role model for their peers, inspiring others to give back to their communities and make a difference in the lives of those in need. Their actions have had a meaningful impact on the lives of children with cancer and their leadership, commitment, and dedication to The Pack have set them apart as a deserving recipient of this prestigious award.

“Brooke led her Pinky Swear Pack through All-Star experiences, keeping in constant communication with the All-Star family and made each family feel so special. She also has held multiple leadership roles during her time at the University of Minnesota-Madison Pack including holding the role of Pack President over the past year and will continue in the role in her final year,” said Malaina Saha, Student Engagement Manager at Pinky Swear Foundation.

The recipient of this scholarship award will receive $5,000 to further their education or to continue their philanthropic work, and will serve as an ambassador for Pinky Swear, inspiring others to get involved.

“Brooke has spent many hours fundraising for Pinky Swear Foundation and has used her creativity to do so, building partnerships with Nothing Bundt Cakes and Badger Childhood Cancer Network. We’re grateful for all she has done during her time with The Pack,” said Saha.

three college students holding a blanket for kids with cancer wearing masks.
Brooke Hartwig holding a blanket made during Pinky Swear Pack.

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