Are you interested in registering your school to join the Pinky Swear PACK program? Get involved today and start making a difference for kids with cancer and their families when they need it most – right now! We offer opportunities to participate in virtual events with All-Stars and their families, provide support through fundraising, leadership learning experiences, scholarship opportunities and more!



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region 1

Nolan Parks; University of Nebraska, Lincoln – Region 1

"Hey everyone! My name is Nolan Parks, I am a sophomore at The University of Nebraska-Lincoln on the pre-nursing track. Being a part of Pinky Swear has been an amazing experience, as I love being able to make a direct impact on children and their families directly affected by pediatric cancer. I am beyond excited to help serve Pinky Swear both nation-wide, as well as on my college campus!"

region 2

Caitlin Hudson, Hardin-Simmons University – Region 2

"Hi, my name is Caitlin Hudson. I am a Senior at Hardin-Simmons University in Texas majoring in Exercise Science with a minor in Health Sciences. I am currently applying to Physical Therapy School in hopes to become a Pediatric Physical Therapist. I enjoy cooking, binging tv shows, and loving on my German Shepherd, Whiskey. I joined Pinky Swear due to cancer being a huge part of my family within the last few years. Being a part of the PACK doesn't necessarily directly affect my family, but directly has an impact on children going through the hardships that my family and I have endured the past three years."

region 3

Tanner Kelm; Minnesota State Mankato University – Region 3

"My name is Tanner Kelm. I am a senior at Minnesota State University, Mankato. Currently, I am studying to become a pediatric oncologist. This year, I became the regional leader for region 3. Pinky Swear is so important to me because of the difference that we can make, both in our own communities and across the country. Being able to help families that have been affected by childhood cancer is especially important to me. My senior year of high school, I was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma, so I understand firsthand how meaningful Pinky Swear’s mission is for families and children. I am excited to be able to continue to give back all the kindness that we received."

region 4

Jordaan Boxer, University of Minnesota- Twin Cities- Region 4

“When applying to undergrad programs at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, I was torn between going into the science field and being pre-med, or going into business. I have always been great with administrative tasks and love the business side of things, but also am a nerd for science and find medicine incredibly enticing. The best discovery that I made while in undergrad is that I can do both at the same time. By majoring in Biology and minoring in business I made it work so that I could have it all. This abstract combination made me realize that working in a setting where I can work directly with people and help administrate is where I am meant to be. This way, I can experience the administrative side and patient care side of operations. This vision of mine makes me fit right in at the Pinky Swear Foundation where I get to participate in administrative tasks as a Regional Leader, while also getting to directly interact with All-Stars and their families. That said, I hope to apply this experience, along with my other volunteer experiences, to my dream of attending med school and being a pediatrician down the road.”

region 5

Sean Brennan; Miami University, Ohio – Region 5

“Being involved in Pinky Swear has been one of the best and most rewarding things I could have done since beginning college. I love helping people and being a regional leader has given me a platform to maximize my involvement to do so. At Pinky Swear, everyone is working so hard towards a common goal - bringing awareness to childhood cancer. I could not be happier to be a small piece to achieving this goal for this organization.”

region 6

Melanie Bonell; Temple University – Region 6

“Hello, I'm Melanie. I'm a senior neuroscience major with a minor in psychology at Temple University looking to pursue a graduate degree in psychometrics after I graduate in the spring. I have been involved with the Pinky Swear Foundation since my sophomore year of college and have loved being a part of it ever since! I'm super excited to be one of the regional leaders this year and to continue supporting the mission.”

region 7

Ally Romano; Stonehill College – Region 7

“I'm Ally, a junior at Stonehill College in Easton, MA, where I am a biology major looking to be in the medical field. Participating in the Pack program has been a fantastic experience as I can truly feel the positive impacts we have made as a nationwide organization on families battling cancer. The Pinky Swear mantra “kids helping kids” holds true, as this club has allowed me to grow in so many ways through forming relationships with new people (including our all-stars), supporting others when they need it most, and gaining leadership skills. Pinky Swear's work is truly inspiring to me as people in my family have been impacted by cancer; because of this, I am honored to take part in the amazing work that PACK does from a regional leader standpoint and carry on Mitch’s legacy.”


The Pinky Swear Foundation has always been centered around "kids helping kids" and honoring youth who support the original Pinky Swear promise. Pinky Swear will be awarding individuals scholarships, up to $1,500, to recognize their efforts. The goal of the scholarship is to celebrate talented student leaders who have strived to support children battling cancer. Who is eligible: Ages 8-21 and must be active in the Pinky Swear Youth Leadership Council (YLC,)PACK or been an active Pinky Swear Foundation Youth Volunteer for the past 6 months.

Criteria for award determination includes:

Leadership - Attending meetings and being an active member while in attendance. Leadership is also defined as supporting kids battling cancer by attending Pinky Swear events and being an advocate for the organization.

Dollars fundraised – Personal fundraising campaigns and/or PACK campaigns.

Connection to childhood cancer – Showing an understanding of how cancer affects a child and family.