Imagine hearing "Your child has cancer" and having to think about paying your mortgage...

In the case of nearly every childhood cancer diagnosis, this is a fact: other bills continue to pile up. Pinky Swear Foundation strives to reduce financial worry and support each and every family along the way as they navigate through the relentless battle of cancer. Your donation can help provide…

  • Stable housing support through rent and mortgage payments
  • Reliable transportation by providing auto payments, auto insurance and gas cards
  • Grocery cards to ensure healthy food on the table for kids and families

Here's how we help...

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Our first touch with a family facing a childhood cancer diagnosis – a ‘virtual hug’ delivered right to your mailbox in an orange envelope

Helping support kids and their families with the unexpected expenses they face throughout their journey of battling cancer

Numerous on-site hospital food pantries help families stay near their sick child as well as ease the financial cost of food during treatments.

Fun interactions between All-Stars ages 11-18 and college PACK students in which the All-Star can do their favorite activities with new friends