During a time of misfortune, families should not be faced with the overwhelming stress of their financial situation. That’s why Pinky Swear Foundation strives to reduce financial worry and support each and every family along the way as they navigate through the relentless battle of cancer.

Keeping our promise since 2003, Pinky Swear Foundation has supported families’ quality of life with direct financial aid for basic needs and through experiences that create emotional support, including:

Stable housing support through rent and mortgage payments

Reliable transportation aid by providing car payments, insurance and gas cards

Supplying groceries to ensure healthy food on the table for kids and families

Payments for bills for expenses such as utilities and other unique family needs

Memorable experiences through family getaways giving families worry-free, quality time together out of the hospital

Providing families the ability to stay with their sick child at hospitals and reduce expenses

Programs That The Pinky Swear Foundation Offers

Orange Envelope

It can be hard to know where to turn first when your child is diagnosed with cancer. Pinky Swear understands the uncertainty and can help a family with immediate support. We are here with a virtual ‘hug’ delivered right to their mailbox in an orange envelope.


All-Star Fund

The Pinky Swear Foundation uses the phrase “All-Star” to describe every child battling cancer they support. The All-Star Fund helps support kids and their families with the unexpected expenses they face throughout their journey of battling cancer.


Pinky Swear Pantry

It’s hard to leave your child’s side when they’re hospitalized, not to mention that lengthy stays can be challenging for families in many ways. With support of Pinky Swear Pantry, numerous on-site hospital food pantries, families can stay near their sick child as well as ease the financial cost of food for single-day and extended-stay treatments.