Join us in making a difference! Help us reach our goal of $350,000. Your contributions ease the burden on families facing childhood cancer. Together, we can provide crucial support. Thank you for your generosity!"


Hear All-Star Stories from Radiothon

Meet Ophelia.

Her family struggled to be there for every appointment and treatment. Both parents had jobs and Ophelia had siblings. Hard decisions were made. 

“Pinky Swear Foundation provided us with financial support during our greatest time of need. When our daughter was diagnosed, we had so many worries and fears. We were so thankful to not have to worry as much about finances during a time that I was unable to work.”

- All-Star Ophelia's Mom

Why Radiothon?

Just before nine-year-old Mitch passed away from bone cancer, he made his father pinky swear promise to always help kids with cancer – even after he was gone. 20 years later, Pinky Swear Foundation continues to support children with cancer and their families with everyday expenses including gas, groceries, and housing payments.

Photos from Radiothon

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