Easing the Pain of Childhood Cancer with $2

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Aug 30, 2023 4:12:25 PM


EDINA, MINN – [February 1, 2023] – They thought six-year-old Kylie had strep throat, but, even after a round of medication, her symptoms only worsened. A call early on a Sunday morning informed the family that their daughter had a much more serious diagnosis: Kylie had Acute Myeloid Leukemia. In a moment, Kylie was being prepped for surgery and her family’s life had been turned upside down.

Pinky Swear Foundation’s ‘It Takes Two’ campaign shows how even the smallest donation can make a deep impact on a struggling family. It only takes two pinkies to make a pinky swear. It only takes two seconds for a family’s life to turn upside down from a childhood cancer diagnosis. And it only takes $2 to make a difference.

“You realize how great family is, that there are so many people in community willing to help, and how generous people are,” said Kylie’s mom, Lisa. “When Pinky Swear helped us with a mortgage payment, our stress lifted… they just want to help kids and families.”

Chemotherapy treatments and countless hospital stays later, when things seemed like they had returned to normal for little Kylie, doctors noted something strange at a routine checkup nearly a year after her initial diagnosis; the cancer had returned. The journey started all over again.

Pinky Swear Foundation donors are working toward $25,000 for kids with cancer, like Kylie, by March 1. This hard-earned money will be sent to families in the form of grocery or gas gift cards, auto payments, or funds for rent or a mortgage payment.

“Kids with cancer need your help, and it’s incredible that a small gift like $2 can make all the difference,” said Malaina Saha, Pinky Swear student leadership manager. “Micro donations on a macro scale make this campaign especially impactful to families when they need it most – right now.”

Kylie is back in school and officially cancer free. Pinky Swear supporters have meant so much to Kylie and her family that they’re now giving back as volunteers and fundraisers themselves! Read her full story here and learn more about the It Takes Two campaign.

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About Pinky Swear Foundation
Founded in 2003, Pinky Swear Foundation is a national 501c(3) nonprofit headquartered in Edina, MN passionately committed to helping children with cancer and their families with financial and emotional assistance. Pinky Swear Foundation activities include a variety of community engagement and fundraising events around the nation. To learn more, visit pinkyswear.org.


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